The Book

Nachtschicht mit Aras – Als Tierärztin und Artenschützerin im Dschungel(Nighshift with Macaws – As wildlife vet and conservationist in the jungle) recounts the most astonishing adventures of Hannah, the veterinarian, who advocates for the conservation of species worldwide and spends a lot of time in the jungle. Hannah shares unique moments from her work with the extremely rare Clouded Leopard in Borneo, colorful giant parrots in Guatemala, and a four-meter-long Strangler Snake. The book gives a voice to the local heroes around the world and manifests their shared commitment to protecting endangered species from extinction. 

Publisher’s preview: “In her book, she gives a captivating account of her projects and vividly explains why exotic species such as the lemur in Madagascar and the bull shark in Costa Rica are endangered and what we can do to protect their habitats. She describes how the health of the environment, animals and humans is interdependent and why protecting ecosystems should be our primary goal.”